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Heather Nichole

Heather Nichole is a 200 ERYT certified Vinyasa yoga and aeriel silk yoga Teacher. Also certified in Barre, kick boxing, HITT, Spin, and weight training with nearly a decade of experience. Like many in the health and fitness industry she finds working with people to succeed in their fitness goals to be richly rewarding and loves to see her clients live a more robust life based on good physical and mental health. Also, like many in the health and fitness industry, she found it difficult to earn a living working solely as a yoga instructor.

Heather created Stretchtogo by incorporating multiple disciplines into a routine that is based on yoga assists to target all global muscles while keeping the spine in an optimal position since all assists are done from a mat. Stretchtogo provides practitioners an affordable learning source, so Stretchtogo practitioners can make additional income while offering current and new clients a valuable service that is convenient, needed and safe.

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