YES! We have Pay Pal available for under $75mo (In Person Training) or lower pricing (For online version)

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Learn in person can be better for those who need more one on one.

Online is a great option for those who can’t travel to meet for In person training.

If you love working with people and are passionate about health and wellness, you can make an extra $450 to $600 a day preforming 3 stretch sessions. Add this certification to any professional training you already have.

$150 for 1hr stretch session $200 for 1hr 30min Stretch session (includes relaxation extremities massage)

We will soon have a Stretchtogo app with a directory and individual profiles. When this platform is available, you will have small monthly paid option to be apart of the marketing and advertising of your profile and location.

  • Fitness & wellness professionals
  • Bodyworkers
  • Open to anyone who wants to learn
  • Basic anatomy knowledge.
  • Engages in a personal mobility and flexibility practice.
  • *You will need to sit and kneel in various positions for long periods of time”
  •  A base level of strength training.
  •  *Many of the positions require a level of strength and proper technique

Join us at our in person course and get certified that weekend!

Or get certified online if better for your schedule!

As bodyworkers, we are all responsible for quality of technique to ensure the safety of our clients. Going through the full certification process allows our team to assist you in being the best practitioner you can be, while minimizing the risk of injury.

We’ve decided that the best way to certify individuals is to correct and establish proper protocols as a Stretchtogo practitioner. Our main priority as bodyworkers is the safety of our clients and yours.

  • *Yes, you will need to find an insurance company in your region that covers “assisted stretching”.
  • *You will be taught client interaction
  • *Watch Video (How to find Clients on my own)

Once you successfully complete the final exam, you will receive an official personalize certificate PDF that you can use to: Claim your CEUs and may also be submitted to your state. Please do your own research to determine what applies to you.